Topic 46: in/at the cinema

‘In the cinema’ 及 ‘at the cinema’ 在意思上有一點點分別:

例子1: Where are you?
I am in the cinema. (The focus is ‘in the building’ 強調在樓宇內)
I am at the cinema. (can be in the cinema or outside the cinema 可以是戲院內或戲院外,如戲院門口)

例子2: What are you doing?
I am seeing a film at the cinema. (The focus is on what one is doing 強調在做甚麼)
(‘In the cinema’ is commonly taught in the primary level so this answer is also acceptable in Example 2 由於小學通常教學生 ‘in the cinema’ ,所以這一題無論學生回答 ‘in the cinema’ 或 ‘at the cinema’ 也可以)

圖片來源: ‘Prepositions & Tenses Weekly’ Book 2, published by Kidz Education