About us


We believe all students have great potential in learning, and our work is to discover and develop their potential through our high quality and interesting assessment books (Chinese, English and Mathematics) from pre-primary to secondary school levels. 

Kidz Education 傑思教育 與 Bee Publishing Pte Ltd

新加坡出版的補充由於課程和出題方向跟香港的測驗模式不盡相同,家長往往購買了補充都發現未必可配合學校程度。我們 Kidz Education 與新加坡的 Bee Publishing Pte Ltd 擁有一支新加坡人的團隊,包括作者、編輯及設計員,配合新加坡及香港兩地的課程,編寫高質素的英文補充練習,生字及文法根據新加坡課程,配合香港名校的課程及學校的出題方向,旨在為香港的莘莘學子出版高程度的補充練習。

We publish quality assessment books including English, Chinese and Maths from the pre-school level to the secondary school level. We are currently collaborating with our partner, Bee Publishing Pte Ltd (Singapore), on several English projects following the syllabus in Singapore, aiming at providing quality series for advanced learners.

 Our motto: We make learning easy and fun!