Topic 100: Verb ‘to be’ 變身大法

Be: 之前也曾說過,我們可以理解 ‘be’ 是一個袋子,裏面有三個小球,分別是 is / am / are。

Verb ‘to be’:
現在式: is / am / are
過去式: is / am -> was
are -> were
將來式: will be
現在完成式:has been / have been
過去完成式:had been

(not be) 就是: verb ‘to be’ + not

is / am / are not
縮寫是 isn’t/ aren’t

was / were not
縮寫是 wasn’t/ weren’t

will not be (不是 will be not)
縮寫是 won’t be

has not been / have not been (不是 has / have been not)
縮寫是 hasn’t/ haven’t been

had not been (不是 had been not)
縮寫是 hadn’t been