Powering Up: Comprehension Skills & Text types

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Powering Up: Comprehension Skills & Text Types (Books 1A-6B)  每本$45

'Powering Up: Comprehension Skills & Text Types' is a 12-book series, co-authored by educators from Singapore and Hong Kong, that aims to provide students with the necessary skills to excel in English comprehension.


A. Comprehension Skills: Guiding students to use appropriate strategies 


B. Text Type Features: Helping students recognise different text types 


C. Word Power: Building up students' word bank 


D. Reading Comprehension: Allowing students to apply the skill they have learnt in Part A, to familiarise with the text type they have learnt in Part B, and to practise the vocabulary learnt in Part C 

讓學生實戰,在閱讀理解中運用 A-C 部分所學,活學活用



Samples 樣章 1A-3B     Samples 樣章 4A-6B 

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